SpinProCenter | Escuela y alquiler de esquí Sierra Nevada
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We just love what we do!

Ski rental

& Snowboard

Ski lessons & Snowboard

Ski Club

Store in

Sierra Nevada

Learn to Ski in the Sierra Nevada

Our philosophy of learning is to have fun, only then you can relax and get the best out of yourself. Our teachers always have a smile and will make your holidays a few days of learning and fun. No matter what language you speak or what level, we speak 5 languages ​​and all teachers are qualified.


Flexible to your schedules, we try to give you the best option so that your learning is the most adapted and qualified to you. We are methodical in our classes, but we focus on enjoying each step you learn, without fear and with confidence in yourself. But if something characterizes us, is that we are motivating and fun in our classes. Guaranteed fun!!


Ski & Snowboard Equipment

If something characterizes us in the station, is that we are the store with material in perfect condition, practically new. We take care of our clients, we give them a material of great marks and in perfect condition to avoid you injuries and that you do not finish your day of snow with pains in the feet.



The Spin Sierra Nevada school welcomes you to the Southern Spain Ski Resort Sierra Nevada. Enjoy the snow, the sun, the good food and the magic of this place.

We are located in Sierra Nevada and offer the most competitive prices, in addition to group discounts, ski lessons and rental or sale of necessary equipment.