SpinProCenter | School
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Ski & Snowboard School


Skiing is a mountain sport consisting of snow sliding, by means of two boards attached to the sole of the skier's boots by means of mechanical attachments. The mode of ski that is practiced in short routes and of great unevenness; which encompasses the descent and the slalom.


Snowboard is a discipline that is performed with a sliding table, standing up in a lateral position and with one foot in front of the other in order to slide on a slope covered by snow. The basic equipment to practice it is the mentioned table, bindings and boots.

Prices of Ski & Snowboard lessons

Welcome to the Sierra Nevada Spinprocenter School, Our team of highly qualified professionals will make training a unique and enriching experience for all those who wish to start or perfect their technique in snow sports.

Our School Philosophy, “learn with a smile”, we want you to learn, yes, but always enjoying. Undoubtelly, one of the most emblematic schools in Sierra Nevada.

We adapt the courses to the schedules of all the clients who visit the ski resort of Sierra Nevada during the season. Choose from the different options for your classes and you will get the best results. It does not matter if you are looking for classes for children or adults or if you prefer skiing or snowboarding.

Tell us your goal and in SpinSierraNevada we will help you to get them.

Currently the school is composed of a total of 13 qualified professors that cover all the modalities. You can get your classes In English, French, Russian, Portuguese and German, in addition to the native.

Our school also has a team of specialized teachers for students with reduced abilities.

Private classes for children

Younger children need a special care. We want the beginning in the snow for them to be a space of play and fun where they will gain the necessary confidence to make their learning faster. An education adapted to their needs in order to develop their motor skills.

We have the possibility of recording its first descents in the snow.

Private classes for adults

Dynamic and custom classes where you can start or improve your technique.

Skiing and snowboarding are very technical sports in which the psychological part plays a great role, so we take care of many details, as we face new challenges. In SpinProCenter we are aware of these aspects and we work them conscientiously so that your progression become fast and rewarding.

We offer you the possibility of recording in video so that you can see your mistakes finished the day and you can visualize, process and correct them the next day.

Ski and snowboard courses

The ski and snowboard courses are the ideal service if you want a quality at a reduced price.

At SpinProCenter we look for to take advantage of the benefits of group learning without giving up personalized teaching, that is why our courses are always in small groups.

We care that our students live skiing as a challenge within reach of all ages.